- StephenAsia

"Having an OnRamp mentor made all the difference. Being able to regularly consult with and receive guidance from someone who had already done exactly what we were seeking to do was invaluable. Few other people understand the unique challenges of the intersection between business and social responsibility in an international environment, so being mentored by someone who does saved us from making many of the mistakes we otherwise would have."

- Stephen

- RandyAsia

"The Business OnRamp helped me understand the importance of integrity in business--we need to be who we say we are. Their practical insights steered me toward reflection on foundational principles for success in cross-cultural entrepreneurial settings--principles which were then applied to a variety of situations which would have otherwise been baffling to a 'newbie' like myself!"

- Randy

- Joe and HillaryUSA

"The Business OnRamp has been enormously helpful in providing guidance in multiple areas of life: how to make decisions when presented with multiple options, discerning God's voice in the midst of noise and busyness, and creatively and wisely giving us practical goals that move us closer to our calling. The OnRamp not only pulls from years of experience in practicing what they coach towards, but has expertise in the coaching process itself. They help us to discover the right answers on our own rather than just telling us. The amount of time we have spent with them is proving to have an exponential effect on launching us forward with more preparation and effectiveness than we could have achieved by ourselves.

- Joe and Hillary